See How SherWare Makes Oil and Gas
Accounting Software so Simple
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See How SherWare Makes Oil and Gas Accounting Software so Simple.
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See what you need about our software in less 
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(see pricing & testimonials below)
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Hosted by Phil Sherwood

CEO + Developer, SherWare, Inc.
What You Will Learn On This Free Demo:
How to Speed Up Distributions
See how to shorten the time it takes each month so the majority of your time running distributions isn't spent deciphering and entering data on our complete accounting platform.
The Way to Automate Data Entry
See how to stop manually entering data every time, reducing errors and speeding up your processes -- including data for AFEs, House Gas, Payroll, Direct Deposit and more.
Reports That Make Everyone Happy
Never quite happy with the lackluster reports you're currently able to create (or even missing!). See how to create any report you can dream up from detailed industry to financial reports.
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What others think about the software & pricing info below 

Does the work of 3 employees!

"When I was brought in to our company 13+ years ago, it took three employees to do what I now do myself. This has saved our company time and money and it has also made reporting very easy." 

- Jason Klauss at Harley Drilling & Producing

SherWare has grown my business

"Our overall experience with Sherware has been fantastic. Beginning with our original conversion from the old Petro2000 Cobol system through our current version in 2021, the software has repeatedly saved us time and money.

We would highly recommend the software to anyone needing to process oil and gas revenue and expenses. The software is equally effective for 10 wells or 1000 wells. Additionally, the Sherware team makes conversions a snap." 

- Robert Hutcheson at BoCor Holdings

SherWare simplified everything in our office

"We are/were a small Oil and Natural Gas company when we discovered Sherware through a mailing sent us and the owner thought this was the best place to start. Pennsylvania operates differently than, for example, Texas and SherWare accommodated all our needs. From disbursing funds to landowners, billings, invoicing, payroll, accounting, Delay Rentals, AFE's , Land Mgt., Revenue. Above all, excellent software support" 

- Fran Garufi at Baron Crest Energy Co.

Happy client for 10+ years

"I have been using SherWare software for well over ten years and I trust that it will always work without any problems. I previously worked for a utility company and found the transition over to SherWare very easy. When we added their software to two of our laptops they helped with getting it installed." 

- Scott Dutton at Petrox, Inc.

Former Wolfepak user happy to switch

"SherWare's program runs smoothly! In two years of use. we've only had a few minor issues that were resolved quickly. It's easy to process revenue and JIB cycles.

We transitioned from Wolfepak to SherWare in 2017. After the initial conversion I can count on my fingers the number of times in the past two years I required technical support from SherWare. Anytime support was required, the engineer was extremely helpful and friendly. The value for the license and support costs are very good. The program itself is easy to navigate and all options are accessible from the main screen. Reports are clear and the options to print or export them are easy to use. 

One of the really great things that SherWare offers that I’ve not seen any other company offer is a Wish List. The ability to post items you would like to see programmed into the software – whether it be a report or process can be posted where other SherWare can see and other users are able to support the suggestion by voting. SherWare is a great fit for our company." 

- Lynne Coogle at Harper Crosby Holdings

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